Best Geeni App Alternatives for Controlling Geeni Devices

7 Best Geeni App Alternatives for Controlling Geeni Devices

The Geeni app is a perfect and highly compatible app to control your Geeni devices. You can download a free app from the Play Store or App Store.

However, certain conditions require an alternative to the Geeni app to control Geeni devices. It may be challenging to find the perfect alternative sometimes.

But don’t worry. This article lists some of the best Geeni app alternatives to control your Geeni device. Not only are they alternatives, but they also work effectively as Geeni apps.

But wait. list them? No, we’ll tell you what you need to know about them and how to use them.

Does that seem fun?? Let’s jump right in.

Geeni App Alternatives To Control Geeni Devices

If you have been looking for Geeni app alternatives but I haven’t gotten them, below is the list of best Geeni app alternatives to control Geeni Devices;

Google Home

Google home is one of the best Geeni apps that can be used to control Geeni Devices. One of the interesting parts about this app is that it’s easy to set up and use. 

Once you install the Google Home app, you can open it and navigate to “Device Tap.” Then select the plus button (+) to add a new device. 

It will take a few moments to add the device. Once done, you can begin using the app to control Geeni Devices with voice commands.

For instance, you use your voice to turn on or off a living room light by saying, “Hey, Google, turn on/off the light.” 

The same thing applies to other Geeni Devices. However, the devices need to be compatible with the Google home app. You can check another alternative below if your devices are incompatible with the app.

Apple Home

This is another Geeni app alternative owned by apple. It is a perfect app for IOS users to control Geeni Devices. 

Apple Home is more like Google home, but it’s a bit more complex than Google Home. Before using this app to control your Geeni Devices, you must ensure they are compatible with Apple Homekit

Then, you can easily set it up by opening the Apple home app. Click on plus (+) button and select add new device/accessory. 

It will require you to scan the Homekit code on the device. Scan it, and it will connect automatically. Alternatively, you can enter the code manually. 

Interestingly, there are two simple ways to control connected devices: the Apple home app or Siri voice commands. 

Apple is well known for its awesome products. This app will work effectively with compatible Geeni devices.

Note: It will only work if the Geeni Devices are compatible with Apple Homekit. 

Amazon Alexa

This is one of the world’s most popular virtual assistants. Not just that, it is also one of the best Geeni app alternatives to help you control Geeni devices. 

Amazon Alexa also allows third-party app integration and can connect to multiple devices. However, connecting Geeni devices to this app is different from other alternatives. 

Firstly, you need to log in to your Alexa account. Then on the right top-left corner, select Skill and games. Search for Geeni in the section, click on it, then click on the “enable” button.

Now, sign in to your Geeni account, tap “Discover devices,” and search for Geeni devices. Select the ones you want to connect to and save. It will automatically connect if the device is compatible. 

Once the connection is made, you begin controlling the connected devices on the app.


IFTTT stands for “if this, then that. It is a very popular private company that allows users to Control smart home devices. 

When talking about Geeni app alternatives with beautiful interfaces and beginner-friendly, IFTTT is one. Not only that, it is free to use. 

To control Geeni Devices with the app, you first need to have an IFTTT account and connect your Geeni account to the IFTTT account. Then create IFTTT applets to control the devices. 

Each applet you create can be used to perform a specific function. For instance, you can create an applet that automatically turns off Geeni bulbs when you enter a specific location or turn them off at a specific time. 

Smartlife App

This is one of the best Geeni App alternatives to control Geeni Devices. And at The same time, the best alternative to many of the apps listed above. It is specifically designed for smart home devices, as the name suggests. 

Smartlife App allows controlling smart home devices such as adjusting thermostats and many others. You can integrate the app with other smart home controller apps like Google home, Homekit, and more.

More interestingly, It allows you to create scenes based on your preferred settings. For instance, you can use location or time to decide the changes in the connected devices. It is a great app for controlling Geeni Devices and many smart home devices.


SmartThings is an all-in-one mobile Geeni app alternative that can control Geeni devices. However, you need to connect the devices to the app to use the app. 

Although the SmartThings app is great, the number of devices it can be connected to is limited. In most cases, all the devices will work, excluding bulbs. Compatibility matters too. 

You need to install intelligent life or tuya apps to connect your devices to this app. Then integrate the app with SmartThings integration. The set-up complexity is the only thing I don’t like about this app. Otherwise, the interface and the functionality are awesome. You can give it a try.

Tasker App

Tasker is a Geeni app alternative that supports complex automation. The app allows you to control many devices at the same time. Though, its automation is mainly based on certain triggers or events. 

In addition, to use Tasker as a Geeni app alternative, you will need to create a task on the app that will send commands to the Geeni devices. You may need a plugin or API that will work with the Geeni devices. As the name sounds, you must create a task with the app to control Geeni Devices.

Is the Geeni app safe? 

The Geeni app is safe to use. The user must take the necessary precautions to keep it safe, just like other similar apps. This means securing their accounts and keeping firmware updated. 

Once those things are taken care of, the Geeni app may be beneficial. You should also note that no platform or app is completely safe from security breaches or vulnerabilities. 

You must take the necessary steps to protect your devices and personal information. Overall, the Geeni app is safe to use. 

Do GEENI Bulbs work with other apps?

Yes, Geeni bulbs with many home automation apps like Google home, apple home, and many others. Although, some bulbs will only work if they are compatible with your home automation app. It’s crucial to note that compatibility with other apps depends on the bulb’s model.

However, the best thing to do in such cases is to look for a compatible app. 

Is Merkury and Geeni the same?

Geeni is owned by Merkury innovation. However, they may carry different names, yet, Merkury serves as the mother to the Geeni. Both brands focus on providing easy-to-use apps to Control home devices like bulbs, sockets, fans, and many others. In conclusion, they are both the same. 

Does Geeni use Tuya?

The answer is yes. Geeni uses Tuya technology for many smart home products. Almost all the Geeni app products are controlled and managed with the help of the Tuya cloud base. 

Tuya makes it easy for manufacturers to upgrade their products with smart capabilities without additional research and development. 

Can I control Geeni lights from my PC?

Yes. With the help of the Geeni app, it’s possible. Although, you will need to access the app via a web browser since you are using a PC.

From there, you can log in to your Geeni account. Once that is done, you will fully access the Geeni app features and control Geeni lights or other Geeni devices. Using the same credentials for both the app and the PC is crucial.


Geeni devices are very easy to use. What’s even more interesting is that other apps can control the device.

You can always use the apps above instead of the Geeni app. However, some may not be compatible with your device, so we list many of them. If you try the first one and it’s incompatible, you can try another.

Finally, keep your account safe at all times. It doesn’t matter if you use the Geeni app or its alternatives.

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