Why Is My Blink Camera Flashing Green?

Why Is My Blink Camera Flashing Green? What To Do

For surveilling your home, blink cameras are typically excellent. What transpires, though, when a green light starts to flash on a Blink camera? You should follow these instructions. Although Blink normally produces excellent home security cameras, if a Blink camera suddenly starts flashing green light and isn’t working, it can soon become annoying. The Amazon company is at the forefront of the smart home movement. Despite their competition in the industry, they do not claim that their smart home products are faultless. In short, no smart home gadget is ideal. Wi-Fi problems appear out of nowhere; smart lighting stops reacting; digital assistants ask the wrong questions, and so on. Blink cameras also fit this description.

The green light on the camera flashing uncontrollably is one of the most frequent problems with Blink cameras. The camera may normally be operating when all of a sudden, its built-in LED begins blinking green. A Blink camera’s solid green light indicates that it is successfully linked to its local and internet networks. However, the camera’s internet connection is having trouble if the green light begins to flash.

What You Can Do To Fix A Flashing Green Light

Several factors can cause a Blink camera to lose internet connectivity and blink green. Your home Wi-Fi network may malfunction, which is the most likely cause. Verify the functionality of all connected devices by checking your router, and ensure there isn’t a local power failure in your neighborhood. If everything is functional, the Blink camera may be out of range and receive a poor signal. Check again to ensure it’s close enough to your home Wi-Fi router, as this problem primarily affects the Blink Mini wired camera.

If your Blink camera is near the router, but the light is still blinking green, there may be a problem with Blink’s servers. Blink Cameras are always in communication with the Blink network; therefore, if there is a problem, the cameras won’t function properly. The quickest and simplest method to check for a Blink outage is to go to their website, www. DownDetector.com. If enough people have reported problems, Blink should appear on the homepage. Alternatively, you can go to the search bar and type in the Blink camera to see if it will appear. You will need to wait for Blink to make the necessary adjustments if there is a persistent outage.

However, if there isn’t a Blink outage, you may need to restart their Blink camera and add it to their Wi-Fi network. Press and hold the reset button on the bottom of the camera for ten to fifteen seconds until you spot a green or blue light. Suppose you have the Blink Mini camera, which is the one that has this problem the most frequently. Open the Blink app after those lights show, then configure the camera. After trying all of the above, if the problem with the flashing green light still exists, there may be a hardware problem that can only be fixed by contacting Blink’s customer support.

  • Blink Camera Restarts: The status light flashes green when the camera is first plugged in. There can be a startup fault if the indicator keeps flashing green. In contrast, when the camera is connected to a network, the light will flash blue before turning entirely green. To see if it helps try unplugging the Blink Mini and waiting fifteen to thirty seconds before attempting to restart it. The camera should be reset as a result and may start up properly.
  • Your Blink Camera Doesn’t Connect To Wireless Network: The Wi-Fi connection may have failed if the camera has been set up and operating for some time before the green flashing light appears. Launch the Blink app on your phone or tablet, then search for the Blink camera you wish to examine. The Wi-Fi connection can be verified by tapping the settings icon. If you’ve relocated the Blink camera to a different Wi-Fi network, tap Change Wi-Fi and then adhere to the directions to reconnect. After selecting Join, select Discover Device. Locate the Wi-Fi network for your new device and enter a new password as instructed. 
  • The Blink Camera Wi-Fi network signal Is Not Stable: A strong and consistent Wi-Fi connection is ideal for your Blink Mini camera’s performance. A weak network signal may be the reason for the green light constantly flashing. Place your camera nearer the router is not a good idea. Instead, do a Wi-Fi router restart to see if it improves signal stability. You must wait 15 to 20 seconds after disconnecting the router from the mains. Restarting it after turning it back on is the next step. Check if the connection is any better. The WiFi router’s network channel can also be changed or configured to switch to the best network channel automatically.
  • For information on how to accomplish this, consult blink’s customer service. Consider installing a range extender to your network if the above fails to improve the signal.
  • The Blink Server is Unresponsive: The green light could also be flashing if there is an issue with the Blink data servers. If you have ruled out all other explanations, exploring if this might be the issue is worthwhile. The status of the Blink server may currently be seen at Down Detector.

Do you have a problem with the Blink Camera’s green light blinking? Several things, including a malfunctioning server, a bad internet connection, or a weak signal from your security camera, may bring on this problem. Various effective solutions must be taken to resolve this problem.

One of the problems with your blink cameras is the possibility of a steady blue light or a green light that flashes rapidly. Your blink camera is having trouble, according to this blinking light.

Here is what you need to do to resolve the blinking green light issue on your Blink camera;

A poor Blink server connection can cause the issue. You may be experiencing Blink camera flashing green light troubles because the Blink servers are down for routine maintenance or an upgrade. To verify the health of the Blink servers, you can utilize a 3rd website like DownDetector.

Check For Connectivity Problems

If your Blink camera displays a green blinking light, the next thing to do is to verify your internet connection. A strong internet connection is necessary for Blink cameras to function correctly. The Blink camera may have problems, such as a blink camera blinking green if your internet connection is slow.

The network that the blinking camera is connected to must have a fast internet connection. Therefore, you must check that.

● Activate your computer’s browser. Any web browser you choose is fine.

● Verify your speed by typing speedtest.net. One of the most widely used web tools for assessing connection speed is the speed test site.

● Select Go from the menu. The speed test is launched by pressing the “Go Button.”

● Ensure you complete the speed test results before continuing. Then check your download and upload speeds.

● You can also restart your WiFi router if the problem persists. While doing that, make sure you unplug your modem and WiFi router. 

● After a minute, turn on your modem and router by reconnecting them to the power source.

● Hold off till the lights turn back on.

A temporary software malfunction on the Blink camera device may occasionally cause an issue with the green light blinking. All that’s required to fix this is a simple power cycle.

● Put the batteries back in after removing them for ten seconds.

● Inspect your camera to check if it reacts to commands.

Reset your blink camera if it still has a solid or flashing green light since there is a software problem with your blink camera.

● Reset the sync module’s settings to the factory default

● Holding the reset button while the red light is blinking allows you to reset the Sync Module.

● Holding the button down will prevent the camera from starting to blink green and blue. The Sync Module’s setup mode is active, so the cameras should be off.

● Uninstall the Module from your Blink app.

Here are the procedures to reset the blink mini camera:

● hold down the reset button for 30 seconds. You will now have the camera’s factory default settings on your phone screen.

● Re-establish WiFi connectivity for the blinking camera

● Click Discover Device once the lights are blinking solidly green and blue. Select the blink’s module Wi-Fi network and connect. ct

● Next, select your Wi-Fi network by clicking Join from the list of accessible networks.

● Enter your Wi-Fi password cautiously, then click Join on your keyboard.

● You will receive a notification saying Module Added shortly after you enter your password. Then select Done.

Reach Out To Your Internet Service Providers

The issue may be caused by malfunctioning hardware; therefore, if the troubleshooting procedures mentioned above do not resolve it, contact blink support for warranty information on your blink camera.


Having a Blink camera continuously blinks a green light is of great concern. Thankfully there is a solution for that, all of which was discussed in this article. Your Blink Sync Module should no longer be blinking green, indicating that it has successfully connected to the internet. The good news is that you now know necessary to handle the issue yourself if it occurs again.

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