Blink Sync Module Offline

Blink Sync Module Offline: Reasons and Troubleshooting Tips

The Blink Sync Module is the controller of Blink cameras. Without it, the Blink camera won’t record videos or detect movement because it receives instructions from the module and sends data back to the module saved on the Blink server. So, if your Blink Sync Module component goes offline, your entire home security setup comes at risk, and cameras won’t work anymore, so not only your Blink camera but the Synb Hub also needs maintenance.

We all know the importance of a Sync Module in every Blink camera. It serves as the control system for Blink cameras; without it, the camera won’t be able to record videos or detect movement. This is because the Blink camera receives commands from the module and transmits information back to it that is saved on the Blink server. Therefore, your Blink camera needs servicing and the Synb Hub because if your Blink Sync Module component goes offline, your complete home security system is at risk, and the cameras won’t work anymore

Sometimes you would notice your Blink Sync module exhibiting strange behavior, repeatedly going off and on. 

This connecting and disconnecting problem is typically a result of a poor wifi network, and you will also receive a message on your phone indicating that the Blink Sync Module is offline. However, a few other factors could make the device go offline. If you see the error message in your app, you can perform a home network reset, a module reset, an app update, etc.

The issue usually lasts a short while before the module reconnects and fixes itself. Still, it continues to be disconnected for a long time. In that case, you can attempt the solutions described in this article.

If your Blink sync module isn’t getting an entire network service, you’d tell via two signs;

Your Sync Module Shows Green Light

Because the device and other network devices share the same IP address, the Blink Sync Hub will blink green when there is a conflict. The issue is widespread. You can rapidly solve it if two devices on the same network occasionally share the same IP address.

Your router’s wifi settings must first be backed up. The steps depend on the model you are using, so follow the correct instructions. The second step, which varies depending on the model of the router that you are using, is to do a hard reset. As soon as that’s done, set up your internet connection on the router.

Check if the Sync Module automatically connects to the internet by unplugging it, letting it sit for at least 15 mins, and then plugging it back in. If it connects, check the app to see if it has a different IP address; if these modifications are applied, it will.

The Blink Sync Module will blink blue when the internet connection is insufficient. Since the camera needs the extra capacity to record quality video and send it over to the network, there needs to be more efficient wifi or weak signals to ensure performance.

You also get a notification when motion is detected, even though the camera doesn’t always record. The amount of internet bandwidth available, however, affects when it records.

Therefore, determine the cause of your erratic internet connection because it will compromise the security of your property. To determine whether the internet is coming from the Internet Service Providers weakly, you can check the internet strength in the form of bards on the module. For the Blink system to function correctly, at least two signals are needed. The speed at which page loads can be checked with an internet speed test.

How Do I Reconnect My Sync Module To wifi?

Reconfiguring the sync module with the new network is necessary if you move or need to update your wifi network. Once it has been uninstalled, the previous network will no longer function.

The device’s performance may be impacted if you connect it using the outdated wifi settings, albeit you can. It is best to configure a new setting to avoid using the old wifi setting at the new location.

To get your sync module back connected to wifi, follow these simple steps:

  • Launch the Blink application on your smartphone.
  • Enter the setting at the end of the blink app, and tap the icon.

When you reconnect or want to update your WIFI network to the new one, you must reconfigure the sync module again with the new network. You can’t access the previous network once it is disconnected.

However, you can connect the device with the old wifi setting, but it may affect the device’s performance. Hence, it is advisable to configure a new setting and not try to use the old wifi setting at the new location.

Here are a few steps to help you reconnect your sync module to wifi:

  1. Open the Blink app on your mobile phone.
  2. Go to the setting at the end of the page on the app.
  3. According to your needs, choose the system setup.
  4. The status panel can then be accessed by tapping the Sync Module.
  5. Tap Change wifi Network on your Blink Sync Module application.
  6. Now, the reset procedure starts. In front of the smartphone, there is a tiny opening. Gently press the internal button using a thin item. It will begin the reset process.
  7. Press the app’s newly detected device once the light begins to blink blue and green continuously.
  8. You’ll see a notification on the app page asking you to sign up for the new wifi network.
  9. When you see the sign that the app is connected to wifi, choose your wifi network from the list and use the login information to confirm it.
  10. The screen will display a notification that reads “Sync Module Added” after a short while.
  11. For a page exit, click done:

Your blink gadget has now been reconfigured to work with the new wifi connection. Your blink camera’s features are now available.

You can use this process to link your device to outdated wifi. The older sets will also function flawlessly.

To enable the internet connection on the Blink module, you can use these strategies to lessen interference and communication gaps.

  • Firewalls and VPNs should be disabled: When connecting the Sync Module or your Blink Mini to the router to establish a connection, make sure to disable any firewalls and VPNs you may be using temporarily.
  • Add A Mesh Network Or An Extender: There are instances when your router is too far away from the Sync Module or the camera, and you cannot relocate it closer. In this situation, I suggest putting up a mesh network like “Google Mesh” because it’s thought to be more successful than an extender in expanding the wifi signals and letting them reach all of your devices.
  • A bandwidth check should be performed: Choosing a faster upload and download speed package is the best action for you if the primary problem is the internet bandwidth inside your home. But before you upgrade your internet plan, turn off your internet-using devices, including your TV, computer, and smartphone. Then, see if your camera comes back online and if your bandwidth is the issue’s root.
  • Restarting The Router: Rebooting the router is a different speedy method of bringing the Blink Sync Module online. The Blink app should be checked to see if the offline status is displayed. Once the router has been refreshed or rebooted, try reconnecting it with the Blink module after disconnecting it from the wifi and pressing the router’s reset button or unplugging and replugging it. You should no longer experience any wifi network interruptions as a result.
  • Power supply not working: One of the primary reasons why your blink sync module frequently goes offline is because of the breach in the power supply. To determine whether the Blink Module is functioning correctly, you must first see if the blue and green lights on the module are on. You should recheck the outlet or the cable if the module isn’t displaying the lights. The electrical box’s breaker may have tripped, which indicates that the outlet is defective or does not have power. The cable may also be physically damaged.
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To test whether the Blink’s outlet works, you can try switching it out altogether or replacing the device.

  • Blink App Not Updated: The module can display the offline status when the app still needs to be updated to the most recent version. The module should now continue to function; therefore, update the outdated Blink app by going to your Android or iOS store.
  • Restart Your Device: It merely takes removing the module from the power source, letting it rest for a short period, and then plugging it back in to fix the Blink Module offline. The module will automatically reboot and connect to the network after quickly disconnecting the power cord and inserting it back in to clear the cache and address any minor issues or glitches. Additionally, solid green and blue light will start to appear.

Factory Reset Your Sync Module

The module should only be factory reset as a last resort since this will erase any previously saved data and settings and any faults and issues, making the module look like an entirely new device.

Use a safety pin or a needle to long-press the reset button on the side of the module until you see the red light flashing, which will reset the module.

Wait for it to reset, after which you must log into the app, remove the module, add it again, and check the device’s serial number. The module should then indicate that it is online and remain so.


Having your Blink sync module continuously going offline is one issue you will constantly face if the network service in your area is poor. Therefore, as soon as you notice an offline warning banner on your app, consider figuring out the problem right away because, for all you know, someone can be trying to hack the Blink module to breach your home security network. 

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