Can I View My Geeni Camera On A Computer?

Can I View My Geeni Camera On A Computer?

Merkury Innovations created and released the smart home device controller app “Geeni.” This software has received over 10 million downloads since it was first made available on Google Play and Apple App Store. To use the Geeni App on a computer, we need an android emulator as there is currently no official version of this software available on the windows or mac store.

The installation of this app on our Windows and Mac machines will be covered in two different ways later in this post. You can operate all of your intelligent gadgets that support green technology with this app from your smartphone.

This app is relatively easy to use, and you can manage it from anywhere with Amazon Echo. All green-capable devices are compatible with the Geeni PC App, which lets you manage them from a single interface. Also, you can include your friends and family in this app and give them limited control over all the smart gadgets. The issue with this application right now is that an official PC version needs to be. Currently, only Android and iOS users can access this software, and thus if we want to use the Geeni App on a PC, we’ll need an Android or iOS emulator.

Can I See My Geeni Camera On My Computer?

You can see video from your Geeni security camera on a PC or a Mac. The Geeni program does not run naturally on a computer. Thus there are some particular things to set up. Installing a smartphone emulator is required to use it to run the app.

Does Geeni Have A PC App? 

Yes, it has. The “Geeni App For PC” is a Computer application for Geeni. The Geeni App For PC is a brilliant application on the Google Play store. With this app, users can easily control their smart devices at home with just a few clicks, an Amazon Echo device and the Geeni app.

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This app has so many features that it isn’t easy to list them all here. With this one app, you can turn off everything that runs in your home with a button. This app is also straightforward, and its features are undoubtedly impressive. This app is cutting-edge and unquestionably something young people need in various ways. Everything will be compact thanks to this program, and living will also become incredibly wealthy and straightforward.

What Is Geeni App For PC?

The Geeni App For PC is a gradient app that lets users quickly control and activate their eco-friendly intelligent home appliances and devices. Users may take control of anything using their smartphone. And now, we’ll show you how to control and toggle everything using your PC or laptop using the nox player or blue stack emulators, making this program a must-have in the modern era.

The features of this app are truly unique, and it is both simple and straightforward to use simultaneously. The Echo by Amazon makes things much more convenient, beautiful, and straightforward.

This software comes with a wide variety of functions, so let’s quickly go into them:

Functions Of the Geeni App For PC

It is fundamental and straightforward to use:

The Geeni App For PC is a truly unique application. It is packed with features and has the advantage of being extremely simple and user-friendly, making things much quicker and easy for the user to understand and operate.

  • It Offers Fast connectivity: Because the control is internet-based, the app and gadgets pair quickly, and you don’t even have to waste any time.
  • The app is also entirely free to download: This app’s availability for free is yet another fantastic feature. A mobile application that is incredibly bright, you’d enjoy every bit of it!
  • A very pleasing gradient and appearance: This app has a smooth appearance and feel thanks to its design and look-and-feel, as well as its look and feel.
  • The user interface Appears Cool And Readable: The user interface for this software is likewise attractive and vibrant, and when combined, these features provide consumers with a pleasant experience.
  • Cloud-based services: Users can avoid losing specific data or information because everything on this app is cloud-based and therefore takes place online.
  • You Can Use The App To Share And Make Selections: You now have many options regarding the devices you can use with your family and flatmates.
  • Complete all the simple and complex tasks: With the aid of this program, you can now complete all little, large, sophisticated, and fundamental jobs with no problems.
  • Use only this one app across numerous devices: Another fantastic feature of this program is that it allows users to utilize many devices at home while completely controlling each one. And much more that isn’t easy to express through words.
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How To Install Geeni App on our windows computer or PC

To download the Geeni app on your computer, you have to use an Android emulator. There are two ways to install a Geeni App. The first one is listed below, 

● Install the emulator on your computer after downloading it from the official website, then finish the Google sign-in procedure.

● Then, launch the play store app, perform a search for the Geeni app on a computer, and then pick the official app.

● The installation of this smart home app on your emulator will begin after you click the install button.

● Once installed, the Geeni App icon will appear on your desktop; click on it to launch the application.

● The app screen will resemble the one below, but it can seem different if you use a different version.

Now that the Geeni Camera App is available for Windows PC, you may also access all of your smart gadgets from your computer.

Ensure you apply all the steps mentioned above to install the program, as failure could result in installation difficulties.

The second method of installation is:-

Below, we’ll cover various techniques for quickly and easily installing the Geeni App for PC on a Windows computer. 

These are the two ways to download and install the Geeni App on a computer:

● Using BlueStacks

● Using LDPlayer

We will utilize Android emulator software to download and install Android apps since they cannot be installed directly on a PC due to no Play Store.

Installation Via BlueStacks

How to Use BlueStacks:

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These steps should be followed to install Geeni App on your PC using Bluestacks:

● Install BlueStacks’ most recent version.

● Activate BlueStacks after installation. You will be asked to sign into your Google PlayStore account when it first launches.

● Launch the PlayStore application within Bluestack after signing in.

● Enter “Geeni App” into the search box by tapping on it in the upper right corner.

● Following selecting the official Geeni App in the search results, click “Install.”

● Once the Geeni App for PC has finished downloading and installing, wait.

● Once finished, click the Geeni App icon on the home screen to start it.

Installation Via LDPlayer

How to Use LDPlayer:

Another free Android emulator that enables PC use is LDPlayer. It allows you to use Android apps. The procedures listed below can be used to install Geeni App using LDPlayer.

● First, download the newest LDPlayer emulator version and install it afterward.

● Open System Applications in LDPlayer by clicking on it.

● After opening the Play Store by clicking on it, sign in with your Google account.

● Choose the official Geeni app from the search results after typing “Geeni App” into the search box inside the Play Store. For the downloading and installation process to start, tap the Install button.

● As soon as the Geeni App has been completed successfully, return to the LDPlayer homepage screen and click the Geeni App icon to start it.


There are particular things to set up when using any technology, but using the Geeni app on a computer or smart TV will give you a larger screen and allow you to monitor the video from Geeni surveillance cameras connected to your phone. Launch the app on your PC or TV after configuring the Nox settings. The video captured by your Geeni camera will then be available for viewing.

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