Does Sonos Work With Apple Homekit?

Does Sonos Work With Apple Homekit?

What gets me amazed is how fantastic the Apple Home kit is. It has unique features and specifications to light up your home, giving you the standard. Apple Homekit can beautify your entire crib and be managed using your voice or a phone, a new-age technology.

Recently, we have been getting questions about Sonos products. The question of the day is, “Are Sonos speakers compatible with Apple Home Kits”?. It’s a good thing we have all the answers to your questions, and we will discuss some of them in this article.

Are Sonos Products Compatible With Apple Homekit?

Yes, Apple Homekit and Sonos are compatible. Remember that you’ll need a third wheel to help you make it happen because Sonos and Homekit aren’t best friends. Homebridge is the third wheel to ensure everything is set up and working correctly.

HomeKit is currently compatible with newer Sonos devices. With a Homebridge hub or device, older Sonos models can interface with HomeKit. However, if you intend to purchase another Sonos speaker, upgrading your network with a newer model will make your entire network HomeKit compatible. How to use HomeBridge, which Sonos products naturally support HomeKit, and how to set up Sonos with HOOBS have all been covered in great detail.

What Is Sonos?

Son of is one of the most popular audio brands in the world. Sonos primarily sells wireless speakers that can be operated remotely. The business is renowned for its cutting-edge features and alluring designs.

They are regarded as one of the top wireless speaker brands and can be found in millions of households worldwide. The company offers a line of accessories, including amplifiers, soundbars, subwoofers, and more, in addition to custom speakers.

The business even provides a particular Sonos app for mobile control of all compatible Sonos products. The software allows you to regulate user access, create playlists, and organize speakers.

Sonos Devices that Works With Apple HomeKit

Sonos’s most recent products come with built-in support for Apple HomeKit gadgets. They include the magnificent Sonos Beam, Sonos Amp, Sonos Playbase, Play, or the Sonos One, the company’s best-selling item. Sonos provides a solution for you if you own older Sonos Speaker models that might only be compatible with HomeKit.

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By connecting a newer speaker model to your existing Sonos network, you may modify such devices to share compatibility. It’s fascinating to note that simply adding one of these items to your network will make your other Sonos equipment compatible with HomeKit and its features.

Sonos devices You Can Control With Homekit

Listed below are some of the most well-liked Sonos goods that you can operate using Apple Homekit:

  • Sonos Arc: Sonos Arc’s wireless design lets you put it anywhere you want without worrying about cables getting in the way. The speaker-produced surround sound is presented through the soundbar.
  • Sonos Beam: You can stream music from your smartphone or computer using the Sonos Beam Gen 2 smart speaker, which integrates mesh technology. Using spatial sound technology, the speaker produces an engaging listening environment.
  • Sonos One: The Sonos One is a fantastic smart speaker that supports voice control and networking. The speaker has a variety of uses, including voice commands and online streaming.
  • Sonos Amp: With the help of this amplifier, you may stream fast music from your sitting room to any speakers you like. Any other subwoofer or speaker in the home can be connected to the audio system as a hub.
  • Sonos Move: This battery-operated smart speaker raises the bar for portability. You can move it about the house and position it wherever you wish to broadcast music. Moreover, other Sonos speakers can be used to control the speaker.
  • Sonos Play: One of the most miniature speakers you will come across in the market is the Sonos Play. Nonetheless, due to its diminutive size, it provides crystal-clear stereo sound. The system is easy to set up and works with all Sonos items.
  • Sonos Playbar: You will get deep listening from this soundbar’s cutting-edge surround sound technology.
  • Sonos Roam: Son of Roam has a portable speaker’s weather-resistant construction, making it perfect for outdoor use.

How To Add Sonos To Apple Homekit

The steps listed below should help you set up Homekit utilizing Homebridge and your Sonos device:

Next, get Homebridge. At, you can get it for nothing.

The Homebridge software should be installed and launched.

Click the “Plugins” option under the dashboard’s menu area.

Try looking for the Sonos plugin.

For the plugin to be installed, click the install link. Then, set up the plugin. Once installed, it will start showing your phone’s screen automatically. It will need a particular name and other parameters, which you must provide.

Launch Homebridge again. The restart button is located in the upper right corner of the dashboard panel, making it simple to accomplish this.

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The settings you configured will be activated automatically after restarting. Right now, you can manage your linked

Does Sonos Arc Work With Apple Home Kits?

Yes, Sonos Arc works with Apple Homekit. Sonos Arc is a new premium soundbar from the speaker-maker aimed at those looking for something more potent than the Sonos Beam. It will replace the Playbar and Playbase in the lineup.

How To Add Sonos Arc To Homekit

Ensure you update the latest Sonos version to enable a smooth adding process without interruption.

Several users have encountered the same issue when they attempt to add a Sonos arc to their Homekit without updating the Sonos app. As a result, the process displays an error when adding new devices. Incorporating the Sonoc arc. To do this right, start by;

● Launch the Sonos application on your iPhone.

● Next, select update by tapping “More” on the right-hand side.

● Update the program to the 9.0 version 

● Activate the Sonos app once more and permit it to check for updates.

● Tap Update for the new software to be installed on your speakers. 

After installing the update, an introductory screen will show up in the app to let users know that AirPlay 2 is now accessible. To broadcast music to one or more speakers when you are listening to music, tap the AirPlay button on Apple Music or Spotify. These features are also accessible through the iOS Control Center and the Lock Screen.

Troubleshoot Your Sonos Device

Although the Sonos sound system is a trendy choice and works well with Apple HomeKit, there are times when it has technical issues. Use these troubleshooting techniques if you have difficulties connecting your devices. If these efforts fail, it would be advisable to contact customer assistance for the problematic device.

Factory Reset Your Sonos:

Try factory resetting your Sonos audio system if you are having trouble getting it to work with Apple HomeKit. Luckily, restarting this device doesn’t cause you to lose much data.

For your Sonos audio system to be able to connect to your Apple HomeKit, follow these steps to factory reset it:

● Get rid of the wall plug on your Sonos speakers.

● Keeping your Sonos speaker’s connect button depressed

● Release the button once you see the white light flashing.

● Once you’ve released the button, wait a few minutes.

● As soon as the factory reset is complete, the green light will flash.

Make sure you write down your Wi-Fi credentials. When resetting your Sonos, the primary concern is entering your Wi-Fi credentials again.

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Check For Apple HomeKit Updates

When you cannot connect your Sonos sound system to your Apple HomeKit, there are other possible causes that you should consider. Occasionally, the house kit itself is to blame.

It would help if you had a software update, which is the most frequent cause of Apple HomeKit connectivity problems. Running any technology on out-of-date software takes a lot of work.

● Log on to your iPad or iPhone.

● Activate the Apple Home app.

● Go to the Apple Home settings page.

● Install all necessary updates.

● Wait for a few seconds for your app to restart

You can enable automatic updates from the same settings menu to prevent your system from being out-of-date. Even though you may not want to, you must eventually update your apps.

Although updating your programs can be a pain, it doesn’t take long. While device updates may take minutes, application updates take a few seconds.

How Does Sonos Benefit Your Apple HomeKit?

An excellent method to manage the music in your house is by adding Sonos to your Apple HomeKit system. For instance, the living room and kitchen may each have a different tune playing.
By deciding on all the speakers you wish to use for your music, you can also maintain consistency in the sound across your house.
You can change the volume from your Apple HomeKit to give your music a gentle effect.
You can increase the volume as soon as you hear a song you like.

Are All Sonos Speakers Compatible with Apple Home Kit?

Updating them may make even older Sonos speakers compatible with your Apple HomeKit. With the Sonos app, you may add software updates to your Apple HomeKit system for installation.
The top Sonos speakers you may add to your Apple Home Kit are; Sonos Amp, Sonos One, and Sonos Beam. As more Sonos speakers are released, the Apple HomeKit will work nicely with them. The more recent the speakers you buy, the more probable they will function well with your HomeKit.


The manufacturers of Sonos products outdid themselves as they produced a masterpiece this time. They made everything easy for users, from the setup and installation to adding; all can be done quickly. For instance, setting up the Sonos speakers with your Home Kits only takes a few minutes or less. The most exciting part of this is the fact that you can use Siri on your iPhone home app to control your smart devices like a pro.

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