Does Wyze Work With Homekit?

Does Wyze Work With Homekit?

Security has become a significant concern in society. Many people seek a permanent solution to curb It, to avoid cases like burglars breaking into homes and losing house keys which may result in the breaking of locks and many other issues. As a result, the purchase of outdoor and indoor security cameras has increased in recent years. People sort the best security cameras to keep them safe at home and away from their homes.

Security cameras are considered the most famous intelligent home devices due to the constant rise in demand. With the world evolving, manufacturers are now producing security cameras that can be used with iPhones, Androids, and iPad, to enable optimal security. A clear example of such a smart camera is the Wyze lock and Wyze cam. The Wyze lock is a perfect choice for every intelligent homeowner. Before going further into details on Wyze locks and cameras, let’s better understand what a Wyze is.

What Is Wyze?

Wyze is a brand specializing in quality smart home security cameras that can be used with iOS and Android phones, Tablets, and Macs. They provide a variety of cameras and home automation products, including Wyze Camera, Wyze Camera Pan, Wyze Thermostat, Wyze Smart Plugs, etc.

Wyze is a well-known choice for a smart home lock because it is not expensive and so easy to operate. Before you buy a Wyze lock, consider its compatibility with Home kits because not all security locks work with your smart home.

Does Wyze Lock Work with HomeKit?

No, Wyze lock doesn’t work with Home kits. This is so because the existing hardware system in Wyze’s lock does not comply with Apple’s requirements for Home kits. We suggest you go for other smart devices for your homes, which are as reliable as Wyze lock.

Although Wyze locks may not be compatible with HomeKit, but still have lots of perks enough to go around for everyone who is controlled by the Android operating system. In this article, we will discuss Wyze more: how to add wyze to your home kits and locks that are compatible with home kits.   

How Do I Add Wyze To Home kits?

Adding wyze to your home kits is a manageable task. All you need to do is follow the instructions incorporated in the Wyze box. Below is an easy guide on successfully adding wyze to your home kits for savvy homeowners:

  • If your previous deadbolt is shaky or loose, use tape or glue to hold the outer part. This keeps it firm and safe when fixing the Wyze lock.
  • Before installing the Wyze lock, detach the inner part of the deadbolt to create some space for the way. Do this by using a screwdriver or a long sharp object.
  • Take the nuts from the deadbolt (the thumb latch) and screw the outer plate on the Wyze lock. Make sure you attach it very well.
  • Included in the Wyze box is an adapter; you can pick anyone that sits perfectly on the Wyze lock. If at any point you get confused, use the illustration given on the chart in the package. 
  • Detach the Wyze front plate from the lock, then join it to the mounting plate. While doing this, ensure it is appropriately arranged and check if it works. If this is done, join the mounting plate to the Wyze lock with nuts.
  • After attaching the mounting plate, install the Lithium AA batteries. Don’t forget to fix the front plate back.
  • When you complete the process, download the Waze app, then set up the Wyze lock on the application you downloaded.

How To Setup Wyze

Setting up a Wyze lock will take a little of your time. You should be done with the whole process in less than 10mins if you follow the instructions. Below is a quick guide on how to set up the Wyze lock;

  • First, you start by enabling Bluetooth devices on your mobile phone. Some phones will require you to have GPS before turning on Bluetooth.
  • Open your Wyze app, then press home and the plus sign on the top left of your phone screen.
  • Click Add Device.
  • Then, click Home and Wyze lock.
  • Tap the device to which you want the Wyze lock to be connected.
  • Remove the battery seal from the Wyze lock.
  • Long press the pair button seen at the top left. You can stop when you hear the lock sound.
  • Tap Next on the app when you see the light on the Wyze lock blink.
  • Calibrate once you finish the Wyze lock setup.

What Wyze Locks Works With HomeKits?

Due to operating system issues, Wyze locks do not function properly with Home kits. Still, there are several different locks you can rely on to provide the best performance.

Wyze’s solutions are made to operate together and smoothly integrate into intelligent home networks and Android-based operating systems. Below, you’ll find a list of Wyze intelligent locks that work with Home kits and other smart home devices.

  • The Smart Level Lock: is one of the best locks for homeowners who want their innovative home technology to be as small and incorporated as possible should consider Level Locks. When you are preparing to leave your home, these locks close and open when you enter.
  • August Smart Lock: It fits into any space perfectly, making it easy to swap the lock. The August smart app also allows users to grant shared access temporarily or permanently.
  • Yale Security Locks works well with smart home devices such as Alexa, Apple Homekit, Phillips Hue, Hey Google, etc. Yale security locks you the stress of moving about with your house keys and worries about losing them. You can get some of these smart locks for your home, seeing that the Wyze locks are not an option.
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Is Wyze Lock A Good Choice?

Smart homeowners who dream of owning Android-powered smart home gadgets might consider Wyze Lock. Consider a different smart lock if you wish to operate an intelligent home environment on an Apple network.

The Wyze Lock is a reasonably priced intelligent home lock that offers many of the same fundamental features and capabilities as other smart home locks.

The Wyze Lock is an excellent smart lock, especially given its pricing. If you already own Wyze equipment (like the Wyze smart plugs) and wish to preserve your current door keys, this is an excellent choice.

The August smart lock, which costs much more, and the Wyze Cam both have a lot of similar functions. Although some of its features may not operate perfectly, given the low cost, these are minor setbacks. One of the most cost-effective intelligent door locks available is the Wyze Lock. Other smart locks can cost up to more than 200 dollars, and the Wyze lock costs less.

Does Key Work With Smart Locks?

Some smart locks can use a key, while others cannot. Intelligent locks let you operate your lock from a distance using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Z-wave. Thus, you can open the lock without a key, even when you’re not home.

Does geofencing work with smart locks?

Geofencing is a feature that comes with some smart locks, for instance, the August Smart Lock. If the geofencing feature is configured, it can recognize when you are nearby and unlock the door as you get closer.


Wyze lock is one innovative technology you won’t regret having in your home. They are reliable and affordable. Apart from reliability, and affordability, mounting these locks in your home is relatively easy.

Suppose you got a Wyze home security lock and need help installing it. In that case, this article is for you as we included a simple guide that explains all you need to know about fixing the Wyze lock and connecting it with your iPhone, iPad, or Apple phone. Setting up the Wyze lock is easy if you have the right tools and follow instructions.

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