How to Find Hidden Spy Cameras & Recording Devices

How to Find Hidden Spy Cameras & Recording Devices

Installing hidden recording devices on your property without your permission is illegal, but that doesn’t mean people don’t do it. The internet is full of obscene videos and embarrassing audio clips of celebrities, politicians, and regular people like you and me, most of which can only be captured on a remote device.

You can go after someone who installs a hidden recording device unscrupulously without your permission, but the deed is likely already done. Prevention is much better than cure, and ratifying out those hidden recorders and cameras is always less embarrassing than going after an offender.

In this article, you’ll learn how to find hidden recording devices to ensure all you’re doing isn’t being monitored by someone else. You’ll also learn how to block listening devices by someone else to ensure it’s not working, even if you couldn’t detect them.

Can Hidden Spy Cameras & Recording Devices?

Before wasting hours trying hacks to find a hidden recording device, it’s essential to know if it’s possible to find them. Everything else in this article will be a giant waste of time if it’s impossible to find listening devices in the first place. So, can hidden listening devices be detected?

The answer will depend on how much effort you’re willing to put into the task. As long as the device exists, you can always find it, regardless of its size. However, if it’s small and well-hidden, you’ll either have to put in a lot of work to find it or live with a mini recorder forever.

If you’re already getting jittery, don’t fret; my job is to ensure you don’t have to live with a recording device lurking around on your property. With the tips you’ll get later in this article, you’ll learn how to detect and confiscate a hidden recording device like a private investigator.

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How Do I Find Hidden Recording Devices?

At this point, you should already know that the recording device won’t remain hidden forever. The preceding section has clarified that it’s always possible to find personal recording devices, and the only remaining question is how.
Here are some clever ways to detect and remove hidden recording devices from your apartment or vehicle to avoid being snooped upon by someone else.

Check for strange holes.

Some recording devices have attached wires, requiring the installer to do some wiring to lead it to an obscure part of your home. To transport the wires without your notice, they must go through the walls and make them through them, and there must be some holes.
If you’re checking for hidden recording devices within your home, you can start by checking for strange holes you don’t remember making. Bring a strong magnet close to any spots around (if any) to see if you can attract any devices or wires hidden between your walls.

Check for a quiet noise at night

This step can only work at night, as there’s enough background noise during the day to prevent it from being a reliable way to detect hidden devices. Also, this method works best with hidden cameras, as they almost always make a quiet noise when working. 
If you can hear a quiet buzzing or clicking sound, try tracing it to determine its exact location. While it sounds weird, that may be what will eventually lead you to the hidden camera in your room. This method works best on security cameras, as covert sound recorders are quiet enough to avoid making any noticeable sound.

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Where Do People Hide Listening Devices?

Just as you’re researching how to find hidden recording devices, the person who bugged your house or vehicle also studied how to hide recording devices. If they did, you might have lucked out, as they’ve hidden the camera in one of the most ordinary places where people hide listening devices.

With that said, it’s clear that you have a better chance of finding any listening device within your home if you search the familiar places where they’re hidden. The question now is this: where do people hide listening devices?

Here are some suggestions:

If you have several plants within your home, check to see if they have been laced with a microphone to listen to your private conversations. Since most people don’t bother to check their plants every day, bad actors can come in to hide stuff within them without the owner realizing it.

There are even unique camouflage cameras disguised to be hidden perfectly within plants and flower pots in your home to evade detection. If you’re looking for a hidden recording device within your home, you should consider checking your flower pots or plants.

1. Lighting Fixtures

If you have a giant lighting fixture, it may do much more than light up your room. Thanks to the size, recording devices can live in a lighting fixture without your knowledge until you manually go up there and check it.

Just like with the case of plants and flowers, cameras and sound recorders hidden in lighting fixtures also match the color of the structure to avoid being detected while they work. If you genuinely fear that your home may be bugged, you should consider cleaning your lighting fixtures.

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2. Picture Frames

If you hang many picture frames around your home, one of them may be listening to your conversations on behalf of whoever bugged your home. In addition to your plants and lighting fixtures, you should check your picture frames properly to ensure one isn’t carrying a hidden camera.

Instead of searching for a listening device, you can also request the services of a private investigator. They’re natural experts at finding these devices, and they cost less than the time and labor you’ll expend trying to find one yourself.

Also, not finding a listening device in a lighting fixture, picture frame, or the plants around your home doesn’t mean they don’t exist; you just haven’t found it yet. It would be best to check other devices and items in the room to find hidden recording devices. A better alternative is hiring a private investigator, as I recommended earlier.


Finding a hidden recording device isn’t as easy as it sounds. However, the fact that you know it’s there makes it infinitely easier to find. Some other factors that will make it easier are learning how to go about the process and where people commonly install spy cameras, which I’ve covered in this artic.

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