How To Replace Blink Camera Battery

How To Replace Blink Camera Batteries

Suppose you are looking for a high-quality picture/video, a low budget, and an all-in-one camera. Blink cameras are an excellent choice in that case, and they fit every description. These cameras can confidently be used outdoors or indoors without you having to worry about the batteries dying out soon or underperformance. There are currently three models of blink cameras, and all are small, strong, and pocket friendly. Plus, they have long battery lives that don’t require much maintenance.

However, one thing is off about the blinking camera: battery replacement. Replacing a blink camera battery can be frustrating. You should know the feeling if you have ever had to replace your blink camera dead battery. Frequently, we get questions like “Do blink cameras use batteries? How can I return my blink battery camera? What are the best blink camera batteries to operate? How long does the blink battery last?  

As for the first question, the answer is YES. Blink cameras aren’t any different from other cameras; they use batteries, only that they are different from others. Blink camera uses an AA- sized batteries. These batteries are extra from standard AA batteries. They cost more, and each side uses (2 x AA-sized batteries) which are more efficient than standard batteries.

We will discuss the best batteries to use for blink cameras, how long blink batteries last, and an in-depth guide to the replacement of blink camera batteries in this article. So, READ ON!

Battery replacement in Blink camera is something other than rocket science. It is the same as changing the batteries of any other device. It is a straightforward procedure. First, you start by removing the dead battery at the back of the camera and removing the battery cover. Just push the button, and it pops out.

After that, remove the old batteries and replace them with fully charged ones. Ensure you put them back in the right way. If you get confused, follow the illustration attached in the user manual.

  How To Reset A Blink Camera Back To Factory Settings

Choosing a good battery for your Blink camera can be a huge task, especially if it’s your first use. Not to worry; we are here to assist you with that. The first thing to consider when purchasing a Blink camera battery is the battery structure, capacity, and if it is waterproof.

Below are some of the best blink camera batteries suitable for work. These batteries can work 24 hours every day without interruptions or defaults. You are guaranteed maximum satisfaction and confidence when you use these blink camera batteries outside because they can survive in cold temperature and works effectively under the rain.

List of the top 8 Best Blink Camera Batteries in 2023:

  • Energizer Battery
  • Amazon Basic Battery
  • Duracell Optimum Battery
  • EBL Batteries
  • Hixon Rechargeable Batteries
  • Duracell Rechargeable Batteries
  • Bevigor Lithium Battery
  • Kratax Rechargeable

Energizer Battery

This is the number one best battery perfect for Blink cameras, judging from its battery capacity, structure, and service life. Lithium-based batteries carry the voltage and have a long service life of more than two years of constant use. They can last for up to twenty years without losing capacity.  

Energizer batteries can also work in extreme weather from (-40 to 140°F). So they can be used actively in cold and hot areas. These batteries are built with a technology that protects them from water, so you can plant your camera under the rain and not worry about damage.

Amazon Basic Battery

Amazon Basics batteries have good reviews from users and, as such, have become most recommended in the market due to their long-lasting nature and low budget, all thanks to the manufacturers. These batteries have a low-density alkaline composition, are tightly covered, and have moisture-proof mechanisms that reduce the risk of corrosion and damage from external use.

Also, the batteries have an auto-insulator that helps prevent a short circuit and maintains proper operation with minimal temperature changes and power surges. In addition, Amazon essential batteries are so durable, a perfect match for Blink cameras. They can operate for days (after charge can last for 15 to 20 days). They are highly recommended for security cameras as they have a long cycle and can last for ten years. These batteries are not designed to work in harsh weather conditions.

Duracell Optimum Battery

Duracell Optimum batteries have been famous and in the market for many years due to a perfect combination of strength and uniqueness. They have a ten-year ultimate cycle, seal, and anti-corrosion design, which increases their service life. They can work for 150 to 200 hours under heavy use.

They are considered the best batteries to use in cold weather, only that they tend to discharge fast during this period.

EBL Batteries

The EBL Battery developers applied advanced technology to make it more durable, improve its structure and maintain a steady discharge, making them compatible with security cameras. EBL batteries resist cold weather conditions and can operate in bad temperatures.

EBL batteries guarantee safety as they have suitable quality components for great UX. You don’t have to worry about exposure to harm. These batteries can maintain 15 days and more active camera use. It just lacks one thing: it can’t be recharged for reuse.

Hixon Rechargeable Batteries

Here is another excellent battery for your Blink camera. If you are searching for a high-capacity rechargeable and non-disposable battery, try Hixon batteries. They have one of the best recharge cycles of 1600 capacity and in-built current overload surge protection.

Another advantage of these batteries is that they are pocket friendly and don’t contain any dangerous components; hence they can be used in all weather conditions. Included in its kit are four batteries, which you can replace if one in use dies. One it’s odd is it loses its capacity after 200 cycles.

Duracell Rechargeable Batteries

Duracell Rechargeable are excellent quality lithium batteries for Blink cameras. These batteries stand out with high protection against external forces, as they have sealed blocks. Thus, you can even use them in outdoor security cameras.

Duracell Rechargeable batteries are more stable on hot days than on cold days. This is because they are not designed to work in cold weather ( it discharges very fast in cold seasons).

Additionally, the Duracell batteries can be recharged and thus can be used for a more extended period. You can restore them more than 100 times, and the battery strength remains intact and fully charged. Thus, you can use them much longer than the standard battery. It is possible to recharge Duracell batteries more than 100 times (but the capacity will be altered, it frequently decreases). However, due to its affordability, you will have to buy universal battery chargers in different pieces.

Bevigor Lithium Battery

Bevigor batteries for Blink cameras have become famous for their resistance to shock and ability to operate in high-temperature ranges. The batteries are Lithium coated and come with 3-level surge protection, which prevents them from damage.

Aside from the fact that they are sealed and waterproof ( you can insert the battery under the rain), they have a long life span and can last up to a week in a camera. One of its downsides is that it can’t be recharged, and its capacity could be higher.

Kratax Rechargeable

Kratax batteries are considered top-notch because of how low their prices are in the market. The batteries have a high capacity of 3500 mAH; they can be recharged and work in extreme temperatures. Thus, it is possible to extend their operational time.

Kratax batteries have four levels of surge protection against external use, including an in-built device that prevents the battery from overcharging and a high current flow.

Can Alkaline Batteries Be Used Instead of Lithium in Blink Cameras?

Yes, you can. Alkaline batteries can be used in blink cameras but will only last for a short period. They have a weak current and a short life span, and they cannot power the blinking camera 24/7. Alkaline batteries don’t have a 2years maximum lifespan like the Lithium AA-sized battery.  Lithium batteries are better used in blink cameras. Be rest assured of having the maximum performance in your security cameras. The batteries can be disposed of after extended use. Unlike Alkaline batteries, Lithium AA batteries have an extended storage life.


Blink camera batteries are undoubtedly the most reliable and durable batteries you can ever use. They are suitable for outdoor and indoor usage. Everything you need to know about Blink camera batteries has been given in this article. This information helps you make the right choices when shopping for Blink Cameras

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