How To View Multiple Blink Cameras At Once

How To View Multiple Blink Cameras At Once

Blink cameras from Blink are incredible. Although they have a lot of features and let you watch your home from anywhere, they currently need to provide multi-camera viewing. Imagine having a single screen where you could view every activity in your house in real time. The “Multi-camera mode” feature makes it possible to do that today. As a result, all the live camera feeds you can view simultaneously will be separate. Here are some details and pointers for using several Blink cameras simultaneously.

You might wonder if you can view your Blink cameras all at once when installed throughout your home, business, or other property; the answer is yes. There are several ways to do this, depending on how many cameras you have and the device you use.

Blink makes some incredible cameras. They allow you to monitor your property from anywhere and offer a variety of features, but they need the capacity to see numerous cameras at once. Imagine having a single screen where you could view all of the activities in your home in real time. All that is feasible with the new Multi-camera mode camera feature.

Yes, you can watch numerous Blink cameras concurrently. A single sync module may support up to 10 cameras, and any cameras can be attached. For some larger properties, upgrading your security system with more than 10 Blink cameras could be required. Several Sync Modules will be needed if you wish to expand your camera network at once or add devices in multiple locations.

Users of Blink have the option of simultaneously viewing all of their live camera feeds. They must do this by setting up a new system in the Blink App and adding each device to it. The Sync will incorporate the new system, granting you access to its storage space. The blinking camera can store up to two to eight videos simultaneously. 

You need to add a Sync Module if you want to watch several blink cameras at once from one account. As soon as the Sync Module has been added, you can link gadgets to it.

If the Sync Module connection sign shows a green line to the cloud, you can add a camera or other devices by tapping the Add a Blink Device symbol +.

As a result, to view many Blink cameras at once, you must register for a single account and manage all of your devices using the Sync Module. A single Sync Module can manage one system and any attached devices. Your cameras’ live feeds may be viewed and controlled from one interface.

When a new device is added to the Blink app, you can add additional cameras to that system. For a list of other systems connected to your account, choose “Add System” from the menu.

You can switch to different systems associated with your account by tapping their names at the top of the home screen, or you can view them all at once. 

Swipe the system name to the left to view or add a new Blink camera. You can choose one to consider from a list of all of your Blink systems.

To add another system to your account, swipe the system’s name to the left. Your plans will be provided, and you can select which one to include. Your account allows you to view multiple blink cameras as you want. 

You don’t need to be a tech expert to find out how to add groups to your blink camera because it’s so simple. See the advice provided below;

● Now, using the device’s unit settings in the bottom right corner, choose which group you want to assign the device, from A to F.

● When the group is chosen from the Group Menu on the left, it will be included.

● Using the Group Settings Menu, you may assign devices to a group, change the user bits and genlock settings for all devices, and assign them a color.

● Choose the global icon at the top of the Group Menu to return to see all units in the workflow.

Sure, there are several devices from which you can view your blink camera. Only having one username, email address, and password for each account makes this viable. You may install the blink app on as many supported iPhone, Android, and Amazon Fire devices as you’d like so that everyone in the family can check in at home or receive notifications.

First, sign in using the sign-in option to access the account you created on your first Blink-connected mobile device when starting the app on multiple devices. The setup procedure will not need to be done once more. Please be aware that you cannot utilize Live View simultaneously from several devices.

You must install the free Blink app and configure it on both devices with your exact account information. After installing the app, you can select the devices you want to use to see the footage from your security cameras. You can create different user identities within the app if you have more than one phone, allowing you to swap both as necessary.

Just one Blink Sync Module can house and run ten Blink cameras. If you correctly couple the cameras with the sync module, they will all provide the module video feedback. If your home has more Blink cameras than ten, you must buy more sync modules. Using the ten camera reviews, you may quickly retrieve data from one particular camera or every camera at once. By doing so, you may monitor several areas of your house from a single module.

Blink cameras are appropriate for large homes and commercial malls that need thousands of security cameras for effective surveillance and residences that only require a few or one security cameras. Due to Blink’s creative pairing strategy and reduced data consumption, the possibilities for having as many cameras are endless. Just make sure you have enough capacity for remote security monitoring.

The main benefit of being aware of and comprehending how many Blink cameras are utilized on one module is that it will help you plan your budget effectively. According to Blink, a maximum of 10 Blink cameras can fit in one Blink sync module.

Knowing this will allow you to calculate the number of modules you will require based on the number of cameras you have. You can allocate money for several cameras according to how many modules you can afford and handle. For example, You will need more than one module if you have more than ten cameras.

While making plans for your home security system, knowing how many cameras one module can carry is crucial. You don’t want to spend money on cameras that will be useless since you don’t have the necessary module to use them. One way to save money is to have a lot of modules for only a few cameras.

The Sync Module and software handle everything, so there is nothing special you need to do to watch many cameras at once with this arrangement. If you want to add a third camera, all you have to do is plug in the sync module, attach the new camera to it, and then launch the blink app, activate it, and the third stream will be added to the app’s list of feeds that are accessible for viewing. It can’t be that hard!

Yes, using two Blink security cameras, you can record different areas at once. You are free to utilize as many cameras as you desire. Nevertheless, we advise utilizing just one camera per place or site you want to watch for home security purposes which is one of the greatest uses of a Blink camera. 


Do you require a reliable security system for your house but prefer to avoid spending time installing it? The Blink camera system covers you, so don’t look any further. It will take you only a short time to set it up and get it going.

Also, if you ever need to expand, you may connect up to 10 cameras or any other device added to the sync module. There’s also no need to stress about the weather. These tough guys can withstand any element mother nature may dish out because of their weather resistance. If you want a low-cost, simple-to-use security system with plenty of features, consider using Blink cameras; they never disappoint.

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