SimpliSafe and Apple HomeKit: Compatibility & Integration Possibilities

In recent years, we have heard a lot about how popular and robust Simplisafe Home kits are. Hence, we decided to conduct underground research on these intelligent technologies. Suppose you are a tech enthusiast and would love to know more about these latest inventories. In that case, we suggest you keep reading because we will unveil a lot in this article.

If you have questions about the SimpliSafe Home kits or if it is compatible with Apple Home kits and other gadgets, this article is for you; all you need to know about Simplisafe products will be discussed here.

SimpliSafe: What Is It?

SimpliSafe is a cutting-edge technology that integrates with HomeKit by utilizing a Homebridge hub or device. However, SimpliSafe products cannot be linked directly with Apple HomeKit; unless a Homebridge is used. The SimpliSafe Homebridge plugin makes this simple to accomplish.

The Homebridge Out Of Boxes (HOOBS) is required to incorporate Simplisafe into the Apple Home Kits environment.

What is Homebridge?

Homebridge brings all the iOS-compatible intelligent home gadgets for its users under one roof. Homebridge provides an easy connection between your Homekit and SimpliSafe products by simulating the Apple API to connect Homekit to other (Homekit-incompatible) devices.

It is advanced software with a lightweight server that integrates third-party apps that aren’t iOS-compatible via plugins. Wireless, cloud, and mobile communication are all easily supported.

What Security System Works With Home kits?

In search of a security camera for your smart home? Here are a few of the top choices that are compatible with your Apple Home setup:

Logitech’s Circle View is not just compatible with HomeKit; it is explicitly built to work with it. It can only be operated through the Home app on Apple devices. Furthermore, it offers almost no apps for Android-powered devices.

Arlo Essential XL works simply with the Arlo app for iOS or Android. The cameras can also be used with an Arlo SmartHub, which plugs into your wireless router and adds functionality for HomeKit and Apple’s Home app. For online data storage, you can use an iCloud+ subscription.

Arlo Ultra 2: Since the Arlo Ultra 2 has a microSD card slot, you can easily save your video recordings without subscribing to the Arlo Secure online storage service. The Arlo Secure service offers a trial for 30 days, which can be extended to 3 months if you wish to continue using the service; all you have to do is subscribe to that plan.

What Is Silplisafe Compatible With?

The SimpliSafe device is compatible with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and August smart locks. They connect seamlessly with the SimpliSafe home security system. The Apple Watch is also designed to work with the SimpliSafe software on Apple devices. Using HomeBridge on HomeKit connectivity is feasible, and a monthly Interactive membership plan is required for integrations.

How Do I Setup My Simplisafe App

Setting up the SimpliSafe App is simple but make sure you have the App downloaded on your phone first. Follow the steps below to set up your SimpliSafe App:

  • First, open the App, then click on Create to set up a SimpliSafe account . 
  • Input a strong password, or use the email to order the SimpliSafe device.
  • Verify your Account by tapping the link on your email or Gmail.
  • Click “Set Up Now” to set up your SimpliSafe security system. Or click “I Already Set Up My System.”
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to finish.

After the setup is done, set up the app security system to keep it away from intruders. No one can access your SimpliSafe system unless you reveal it to someone. And this will also help if you need to find your mobile phone.

  • Click the menu button. 
  • Tap on your email address icon to open the menu option. 
  • Select Configure App Lock.
  • Enter any 4- digit PIN of your choice that will be used to unlock the App.
  • Again, select or enable the phone’s biometric access to unlock the App.

From now on, the system will activate the auto-lock after 10 seconds. It can only be unlocked by people who know your PIN. If you activate the biometric, you can also open the App using your phone’s fingerprint, face recognition, or voice.

Homebridge on a Hub for SimpliSafe -Homekit Integration

Installing Homebridge on your computer is a quick and easy way to get it up and running. It’s crucial to remember that to keep your HomeKit operational at all times, and your computer MUST ALSO remain turned on throughout the day.

This will increase the cost of electricity in addition to being inconvenient. This is one of several alternatives available, but each one requires more personal customization to put it up.

A pre-installed software application and pre-assembled hardware component called a Homebridge hub are included with the Homebridge software. Most third-party software can be used with the HomeKit by connecting this little device to your home network.

Homebridge hub can quickly and efficiently integrate SimpliSafe with HomeKit, saving you time and money compared to trying to do the setup on a computer. Installing the plugin is all that is required.

Does SimpliSafe Work With iPhones?

Yes, Simplisafe is very much compatible with your iPhones. It also works with Android 8.0 and above and iOS 14.0 and above. The SimpliSafe app can be downloaded via the Google play store or App stirs on your iPhone or iPad. Ensure your mobile device operating system is up to date before you make any downloads.  

Connecting Homebridge Simplisafe With HomeKit?

Most SimpliSafe users need to be computer literate or adept at configuring appliances. For those who are, setup becomes yet another hassle. SimpliSafe can be quickly and easily connected to HomeKit via HOOBS. Your SimpliSafe equipment may easily be connected to Homekit in minutes.

To make the process of setting up Homebridge as simple as possible, Homebridge configures your plugin for you. It is, therefore, perfect for the typical homeowner. It maintains ongoing communication with plugin creators to guarantee that all user support, turnkey additions, and upgrades are delivered on schedule.

Other products besides SimpliSafe can use it. This group of products includes brands like SmartThings, Harmony, TP-Link, and others. Consequently, investing in HOOBS is a secure, simple, dependable, and long-lasting solution if you want to continue with HomeKit for your smart home.

HOOBS has previously demonstrated its capacity to integrate innovative home ecosystems with security systems. As an illustration, it has made Ring HomeKit integration a snap.

How to Set Up Homebridge For SimpliSafe HomeKit

The widely suggested Config UI X handles the plug installation and setting management.

– Your network must first be connected to HOOBS before you can integrate your SimpliSafe products with Homekit.

Setting up a wireless connection with HOOBS using your home WiFi is one way to do this. Another option is to use an Ethernet wire to directly link your router and the HOOBS device, which requires about four to five uses of your time:

  • Visit https://hoobs.local on a Mac or https://hoobs on a Windows computer to register for an account with HOOBS.
  • Try installing the HOOBS plugin for the SimpliSafe system.
  • You will find the platform’s array can assist in the Homebridge. All your sensors will be immediately put into HomeKit if you add the following setup.
  • If you want, you can use this approach after installing the plugin;
  • Launch the Public Configuration page.
  • Enter your SimpliSafe login and password – Save changes and reboot your HOOBS network

SimpliSafe Alarm With HomeKit

The alarm created by SimpliSafe with HomeKit is excellent. It offers mode settings like home, off, and away modes, making it simple for you to equip or disable your alarm. The away mode turns on the motion sensors at the entrance and inside.

The Home mode activates the entry area, allowing the homeowners to move around freely inside without setting off the alarm. All sensors save the smoke alarm, and the panic button is turned off in the off mode.

SimpliCam With HomeKit

Simplicam is an all-in-one device with features including privacy shutters, motion detection alerts, and an optional set of cloud video storage.

One of its benefits is that if you already have their active monitoring package, you won’t need another cloud storage subscription.

SimpliSafe Settings Alarm For Pets

One of the fascinating features of SimpliSafe is the alarm, which is specially designed for pets. They can be adjusted to suit your pets. Also, the device’s sensitivity is adjustable. It can position about 5ft above the gropositionvent an alarm from being set off by your pet’s movements.

SimpliSafe is designed so that animals weighing more than 50 lbs can’t trigger the alarm system.


In conclusion, an excellent plugin that can efficiently operate within HOOBS made integrating SimpliSafe products with HomeKit easier than we thought. If selecting a less expensive option, like running Homebridge on your PC, may result in short-term financial savings, purchasing a hub will relieve you of many hassles in the long run.

Time is not the only thing you save; you also save money on your energy bill and get all the help and support you require to keep your HomeKit gadgets operating correctly.

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